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Song of the Week: What Is Happening

In Song of the Week on 03/31/2009 at 3:45 pm

Just to get things off on the right foot, allow me to destroy all my credibility as a music snob. But this song is just SO FUN!!! And catchy beyond reason.

Alphabeat is a shamelessly poppy Danish band that doesn’t bother trying to prove anything except that music should be fun. And although I would argue music should be a few other things from time to time, fun certainly helps. There’s nothing wrong with a little musical junk food here and there.

Just try not to get addicted…

You can download the song for your previewing pleasure by right-clicking and saving this link below:
Alphabeat – What Is Happening.mp3  (Sorry, too late…mp3 taken down)

You can buy the whole album here.

Oh, and I discovered Alphabeat through this song being featured on some music blog’s best music videos of 2008. If I remember what blog that was I’ll post it for you guys.

– copernicus