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Jonsi Finds a Like-Minded Cause in Let’s Colour

In Random, Songs I Think Are Pretty Great on 07/09/2010 at 4:49 pm

Photo by Lilja and Inga Birgisdottir

Jonsi being, of course, the lead singer from the revered Sigur Ros, they of the Iceland and grandeur and Jonsi’s falsetto. He has departed from the band’s vision this year to indulge his own: one that is decidedly more of everything. More ecstatic, more indulgent, more busy. From the above photo, it’s evident that the visual aesthetic is important to Jonsi’s art. So it’s only natural that he has decided to license his music to a movement called Let’s Colour. Let’s Colour is dedicated to adding color to drab outdoor spaces around the world with a host of volunteers. Their promo video is fantastic: it’s ecstatic, indulgent, busy, and thus a perfect fit for “Go Do” from Jonsi’s album Go.

You see? I dare you not to go pick up a paintbrush.

Oh, and to give an mp3 just because I’m that nice, here’s the terrific “Animal Arithmetic” to provide a burst of, um, colour to your Friday afternoon.

Animal Arithmetic



Music Video (of sorts) Premiere!!!

In Random on 06/11/2009 at 2:53 am

Quick story:

Coming back to Chicago for the summer on the train was an ordeal, to say the least. But I managed to take some decent video of the city at night while listening to SAL’s currently free album Keep No Score. And I happened to think that the two would go well together…and the next thing you know, I’m trying to pretend I know how to make movies and ended up with this video.

It’s not a music video, really, but more of an artistic pairing. Anyway, I’m more or less pleased with the result:

My thanks to the band for allowing me to adapt their music. Oh, and if you guys ever need a local keyboard player to jump into the mix, just call my agent 😉