Is this legal?

Well, now…
I know that all you perfectly conscientious music consumers are puzzled over the fact that I am letting my readers download music without paying for it.

“How can he call himself a responsible human being?” you might ask. Or, “How can he sleep peacefully at night given his dealings in the sordid underbelly of the music industry?”

Rest assured, my friends.

All music files are for the purpose of sampling only. They will be removed from the site after a few weeks. If any artist or recording company objects, they may feel free to contact me and request the files be removed.

I don’t get sued, you get to try the music (and hopefully, buy some of it), and everyone is happy.

These cute little blogs called mp3 blogs are actually good for record companies. Sadly, they may not always see it that way. In fact, the black-and-white legality of these blogs isn’t specifically stated. Fortunately, you and I do not live in such a definitive universe. To read more about this phenomenon, try these articles here and here.

One last word: if you think this site is rendering you a valuable service and you would like to support the music advocacy going on here, let me know. I will gladly accept donations, which will, of course, go towards more music. Not that I wouldn’t do this anyway, but hey – a little help from my grateful fans is always welcome.

– Lincoln

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